Dillon Reloading Equipment

Christensen Reloading became an authorized Dillon Precision dealer when the program was re-instated in 1993, although we had recommended and used Dillon reloading equipment for many years prior.  Purchased in 1987, we estimate our Dillon RL550B has produced over a million rounds of ammunition.  We also utilized the Dillon XL650, RL1050 and RL1050 Super reloading machines for commercial and personal reloading.  Dillon reloading machines are extremely easy to operate, maintain and produce large quantities of quality ammunition.

In addition to reloading machines, we also carry the peripheral equipment, such as conversion kits, tool heads, dies, primer tubes, flip trays, scales, tumblers, and separators.  We also stock the rifle case trimmer and the assorted dies for trimming and sizing brass.  

As an authorized dealer, we do our best to carry a large inventory of reloading machines and accessories.  However, if there are any items not in stock when you call or visit our shop, we will order them direct from Dillon and pay the shipping and handling charges.  Furthermore, every customer that purchases a Dillon Precision reloading press from our shop, will receive a 10 percent discount (day of purchase only – excludes special sale items) on all reloading components (brass, primers, powder and projectiles).

Please visit the Dillon Precision Products, Inc. web site for a complete listing of products and prices:   www.dillonprecision.com