Welcome to Christensen Reloading & Supply Company.

We stock the Dillon RL550B, XL650 and SL900 reloading machines as well as conversion kits and peripheral equipment related to the reloading machines.

We currently have a fair inventory of primers including Cheddite 209, Winchester Large Rifle, Federal Small Pistol Magnum Match, Wolf Small Rifle, CCI magnum primers and an assortment of Magtech primers.  Please contact us for further information.

Dillon RL550B


The Dillon RL550B is the most versatile reloading machine on the market.  It is a four station semi-progressive press designed to produce between 400 and 600 rounds of ammunition per hour.  The machine is capable of being set up in any one of more than 200 different calibers.  The most unique feature of the RL550B is the removable tool head.  Once you adjust your reloading dies to the proper settings, you simply remove the tool head from the machine without changing the die settings.  This allows for a conversion time between calibers of as little as ten minutes.  We stock this machine in our shop and can supply almost any caliber conversion that you require.


 Dillon XL650


The Dillon XL650 reloading machine is a five-station semi-progressive press that, with the optional case feed system, can produce 800 to 1000 rounds of ammunition per hour.  The machine can be set up in one of more than 100 different calibers.  In addition to the simplicity of the removable tool head when changing calibers, it has an automatic indexing feature and the ability to install a powder check sensor to warn of gross powder discrepancies in a charged case.  We stock the reloading machine in many of the most popular calibers and carry more conversion kits in other popular calibers.



 Dillon SL900


The Dillon SL900 shot shell reloading machine is a five station semi-progressive press that can reload 1000 rounds of shot shells per hour with the optional hull feed system.  With the hull feeder, all you need to do is place a wad in the arm on the left side of the machine and pull the handle down.  The hulls are sized, charged, have the wad inserted, filled with shot and crimped on the down stroke.  On the up stroke, a new hull is placed into the shell plate, the shell plate is indexed and a new primer is inserted into the sized hull.  This machine is available in 12, 20 and 28 gages with conversions and parts available to change over to the other gages.



 Dillon RL1050 Super


The RL1050 Super is a commercial grade reloading machine designed for the shooter needing 3000 to 5000 rounds of a particular caliber of ammunition per month.  This reloading machine is an eight station semi-progressive press that comes set up from the factory with the reloading dies and the case feed system.  This machine also has a built in primer pocket swagging device that will remove the crimp from the primer pocket on military brass.  This machine can be ordered in one of more than 30 different calibers and can be converted to additional calibers with the purchase of additional tool heads, conversion sets and reloading dies.